Gun Control in US — Stop Pretending GOP will get on board!

The Uvalde school shooting is going to be different, or so we thought. A nation seemed mobilized and ready to pass sensible gun control legislation, in wake of another classroom of children, and their teachers, lost to senseless mass shooting with an AR-15. But we’ve been here before. Sandy Hook was supposed to be a turning point. Until a string of others, such as Parkland, Santa Fe High School, and now Uvalde. We’ve had bills ready to pass the entire time. A reasonable mass of political will to support common sense measures like universal background checks, raising age limit on AR-15 and assault weapons purchases, etc. The only impediment? A solid wall of GOP obstruction!

In current debate and efforts to get something, anything passed, Republicans balk at and openly call various items as ‘non-starters’ in the conversation. Supposedly sensible, ‘centrist’ Republicans like Susan Collins offers non-sensical ideas like allowing 18 yo to buy assault weapons with parental approval.

Meanwhile, people who are desperate to push for gun control legislation to pass keep pretending that there might be bi-partisan support to make it happen. Why can’t we admit the truth? The truth is — Republicans in Congress will NEVER be serious about supporting ANY gun control. They blocked it after Sandy Hook. They have blocked it ever since. And, they will win elections (for most part) afterwards.

When I see passionate people like Matthew McConaughey speaking at the White House for gun control legislation, talking about majorities of Republicans and Democratic voters, and gun owners backing certain proposals, and calling for bi-partisan efforts to pass something in Congress, I want to scream. Let’s open our eyes America! The vast majority (>90%) of Republicans in Congress are bought and paid for by the NRA and gun lobbies. They will NEVER in good faith negotiate or support gun control legislation. In fact, they *benefit* from the cynicism and angst that develops in centrist and Democratic voters when they block gun control legislation and let our nation spiral into the tragic throes of gun violence.

Once we see the nefarious allegiance Republicans in Congress have for gun extremism of NRA and gun lobby, we need to adapt our message accordingly. And, the message needs to be clear — GOP, we are ready to VOTE YOU OUT to get sensible gun control legislation passed. Until the GOP suffers greatly at the polls, they will never change.

Let’s mobilize and make this mission and focus clear, if we want gun control legislation to pass in this nation.


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